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K.F.C. BIO-TEC. Co., LTD devotes to developing globally with the philosophy of “leaving roots in Taiwan yet with an eye toward the future.” Due to the profound realization that the environment in which the competitors are from the world, and market demands are globalized, we believe quality and technology are the strength marching toward the global market. Having a world view enables us to integrate with the world, so K.F.C. constantly reminds itself to always enhance the company’s competitiveness, to complete the tactical planning in global management of K.F.C., and to expect itself the pride of Taiwan.
K.F.C’s exclusive teams discuss with domestic biotech experts and scholars from time to time. We own professional doctors as our medical advisors. We have high research and development capability focusing on developing natural, non-toxic and harmless ingredients. For marketing, we coordinate nutritionists and the marketing team ensuring products always being the latest demands in the market that makes our products more competitive. Professional nutrition advisors and research and development teams provide you free after-sales consulting services which give you the latest regimen and health care information.
The factory is authorized by GMP, ISO quality control system and HACCP food safety management system. We develop safe and effective ingredients and strictly monitor the manufacturing process to ensure the high quality hygiene management. With the belief of seeking truth from facts, we devote to enhancing the quality more stable, safe, effective and guaranteed.
Health First, Quality First!
We comply the latest biotech technology with discreet and truth-seeking attitude to develop the health foods of natural nutrition based ingredients which are medicine free, plasticizer free, no pesticide residue, no heavy metal residue and no side effects. We keep the innovative, quality and service-provided, and healthy attitude to strictly select innovative ingredients, high quality, reasonable price and safe effect targeting at customer’s trust and satisfaction. We provide the public professional health service to co-create healthy, wealthy and successful perfect lives.
Service items● Health food research and development OEM● Beauty skin care products research and development OEM
Soft capsule filling
Hard capsule filling
Lozenge, dusting powder, granulation
Concentration, extraction, freeze, desiccation
Tea bag, into PTP
Liquid aluminum bag
Dust aluminum bag
Lozenge, liquid(ampoule)
Color box package design
Agents for various health food granule (soft, hard)
Basic maintenance
Male and female special maintenance
Whitening series
Moisturizing series
Firming Series
Anti-Acne Series
Sensitive skin care
Concentration, extraction, freeze, desiccation
Liquid, lotion, gel,
mask and etc.
Exclusively customized formula research and development
Exclusively customized formula research and development
Understand customers’ needs
Confirm manufacturing products and types.
Products features and effects.
Products cost and selling price.
Formula development
Customized according to the needs.
Develop exclusively effective and safe formula.
Provide samples
Pay the sampling charge.
Provide samples for tests.
Confirm production formula.
Sign contracts
Sign exclusive formula and OEM contracts.
(non-disclosure agreement included)
Pay research and development down payment.
Package and wrapping
Provide packaging materials selection.
Package design service.
Or self-purchasing packaging.
Materials and confirm
Confirm all factors of the products.
Arrange production schedule.
Arrange production schedule
Arrange production according to the needs.
Inform delivery time.
Delivery payment
Complete products quality control and shipments.
Charge the balance.
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